Simulator training

Practical training in the ATCC is carried out using simulator equipment, namely:

  • An-24/26/32 simulator;
  • Yak-40 simulator;
  • An-2 simulator.

Training of the crew members to operate in normal (standard), complex and emergency flight situations in real time at all stages of flight will be ensured by the detailed and deep modernization of the simulators based on modern hardware components, namely:

  • wide-angle display computer graphics of a cockpit external environment;
  • adequate reproduction of an Aircraft dynamics by minimizing the signal transmission time delay and simulating the actual loads on the aircraft manipulators;
  • entry of navigation and visual data of aerodromes, including mountainous (to select up to 22,000 aerodromes) and those having difficult conditions of approach;
  • visual and instrumental in-route flights;
  • choice of radio navigation flight conditions;
  • setting and adjustment of time, weather, geographical conditions of flight and season;
  • dispatch radio communication;
  • simulation of weather factors influence on aircraft dynamics, especially at difficult flight stages (wind, turbulence, wind shear, air temperature, icing, etc.).
  • An-24/26


    Tours for Yak-40, Il-62