Maintenance personnel

– Air legislation;
– Maintenance facility approval procedures (Part-M. General Course);
– Human factor in Aircraft maintenance operation;
– Fuel tank safety;
– Aviation personnel training for conducting inspection and Electrical Wire Interconnection System maintenance operation (EWIS);
– Aviation English for maintenance personnel (basic, refresher training)

List of special training course programs
1. Special training courses for maintenance personnel training regarding Human factor, Air Legislation, Airworthiness standards (PART-145, PART –M), Fuel Tank Safety, EWIS and English for maintenance operation.
2. Special training course programs developed in accordance with Part-66, Part-145, Part-147 standards.
3. Special training course programs and notes in Ukrainian and/or in English.

List of Courses approved by UCAA
– Douglas-80 Series (PWJT8D)
– Anonov-32 (Antonov 20D)
– Boeing 737- 300/400/500 (CFM 56);
– Boeing 737- 600/700/800/900 (CFM 56);
– Boeing 767-200 / 300 (PW4000)
– Airbus A318 / А319 / А320 / А321 (CFM 56);
– Airbus A319 / А320 / А321 (ИАЭ V2500).
It is also planned to conduct Maintenance personnel training of the following types:
– Antonov 26 (Ivchenko-24)
– Antonov–24 (Ivchnko-24)
– Beech 300 Series (PWC PT6)